31 May 2014

Hand me down

Outfit credits: Vintage top, plaid shirt and bag, Dr Denim jeans, UNIF hellraiser flats, Famous Ape sunnies.

I'm the oldest of the children in my family, so I shouldn't be the one who has hand me downs form my sisters, but nevertheless I do. Because I am the smallest. I'm the one who still fits into some of the clothes we wore in the 90's, and what they wore in elementary/middle school. 

Malin out. 

28 May 2014

summer afternoon sun

Outfit credits: H&M hat and sunnies, Monki coat, UNIF tee, Acne shorts, Primark flats, vintage bag. 

Photos by Cicci H. We were doing part two of the Tune Tune photo shoots (coming up soon), and after I changed clothes and before we left to go into town I had her help me with outfit of the day pictures as well. I just love taking ootd pics in my regular spot in the afternoon, especially in the summer. I'm a sucker for lens flares, and if I back all the back to the wall so the sun doesn't shine over the roof, the lighting is so even, but still bright enough to not risk shaky shots. Best time of the year, fer sure. 

Any black tee and these shorts is the base of my everyday summer look, unless I'm feeling fancy and put on a maxi skirt. These shorts really are the best. I got at an Acne outlet for like $15 last summer. They're originally high or mid waisted, but the fit is so loose that I can wear them real baggy, just hanging on my hips, as well as pulling them up with a belt. Most of the time it's the previous. Anyway, one of the best bargains I ever made. 

Malin out. 

27 May 2014

Too Many

Outfit credits: Beyond Retro vintage leather jacket, Animals Wave sweater, Acne denim shorts, UNIF sunnies, Lager 157 boots

Heads up for political rant completely unrelated to the pictures (apart from the fact that there obviously are too many f--king idiots in the EU):

If you're from and EU country and didn't vote in the EU parliament election this past weekend then what the f- are you even doing? There are people who are dying for their right to vote and you couldn't be bothered to make a quick stop at the nearest polling station? 13% of the people of the EU voted in the election, and to be honest I find that quite offensive. To be able to vote and be a part, no matter how small, of deciding how your country and continent is going to be run is a privilege that not all people have, and that it is very possible that people fought very in the past so that YOU would be able to. And if you want the world to change, no matter in what direction really, you have to take action. It won't change on it's own, you have to stand up for your beliefs, talk about it, and you have to god damn vote in the elections. 

But the good news is that my party, the Feminist Initiative, gained it's first MEP, and Soraya Post will be the first Romani woman, and also the first to represent a purely feminist party in the EU parliament. 

In the Swedish national parliament election of 2006, FI was brand new and I was 15 y/o and in the 9th grade. We had a pretend-election at my school, and I was the only one who voted FI. The next election when I was allowed to vote for real I also voted FI. And I will do the same in this election, and so will most of my friends and family. This is were I stand and this is important. The feminist break-though is coming and it begins now.

Malin out.

24 May 2014

I know what it means but not how to explain

Outfit credits: Bikbok crop top, Missguided pants, H&M hat, sunnies and flats, vintage bag, Hellaholics hamsa hand necklace, Gina Tricot cross earrings. 

I gave my blog a tiny make-over yesterday. The general idea in the beginning was to make it just kinda less, and easier to navigate. Not sure if I succeeded in any of those, but it turned out the way I wanted aesthetically, so I like it. 

Malin out. 

22 May 2014

I swear she's bad and she knows

Outfit credits: Beyond Retro vintage leather jacket, H&M tee and sunglasses, Lager 157 jeans, vintage bag, skopunkten boot, assorted jewelry. 

It's funny because I'm probably about as far from being a bad girl as you can possibly be. Feels like I'm supposed to be in Grease in this jacket, though.

Malin out.

20 May 2014

Blue Jeans

Outfit credits: H&M coat, Zara jeans, vintage crop top, backpack and belt, Dr Martens boots.

18 May 2014

Picture Diary / 10 - 18 May / Superstar

1. The gallery that, along with the board there, saved my skin and sanity this semester 

2. Before the final presentation of our theses. I was the last person of the day, and I felt seriously sick the entire day. I get slightly nauseous when I'm so nervous and can't eat, so I had to force down apples so that I wouldn't faint or something. It didn't go poorly, and my friends say I did well, but I really can't tell. About ten minutes after it was over I noticed that I have put a hold on life for this and it's been like everything that was supposed to happen after it wasn't really real, and my incapability of decision making was taken to a whole new level. 

3. Before going to our "graduation party". It was a great outfit, but I couldn't for the life of me find the remote control for my camera, so no outfit photos. 

4. When I'm the one among my friends who gets to decide where we're going for dinner...

5. You can now find me at Teen Vogue Fashion Click. I seriously cried when I get the e-mail that I had been approved as a featured blogger. Anything even remotely related to Vogue just seems so unreal. You know, something you joke about being the ultimate goal but no one really thinks is going to ever happen. But here we are, and now be good boys and girls and go give me 'em votes!

Malin out.

Ps. I posted this on facebook late last night when I was feeling sentimental after a few days of many emotional moments, but a massive shout out to my collage-soon-not-to-be-classmates for being super awesome. Especially to Malvina and Hillevi (from the picture above), for putting up with me always, and keeping me from freaking out at the presentation. And to Anna for all the things said at graduation party, du är den finaste! ds.

15 May 2014

Days Are Gone

Outfit credits: H&M coat, hoodie, tee and scarf, Lager 157 jeans, ebay boots and bag, vintage sunnies.

13 May 2014

Tune Tune part I

Outfit credits: Tune Tune top and skirt, H&M hat, Famous Ape sunnies, ebay boots and bag.

This is the first part of my collaboration with the Chinese brand Tune Tune, as a part of their campaign "Another me". The second part will be finished in a couple of weeks. Check out and read the first part on their website here.

Along with my friends, I decided to make this "a thing", and do a proper photo shoot. We got together a couple of weeks ago and did this shoot. It was my first time having an look photographed in town, on public places, and it was a lot of fun and sometimes really awkward. But anyhow, now you get to see some pics from the place I'm actually from, which is Malmö, Sweden. The first three and the last pic are from the neighborhood I grew up in, and where I lived before I moved to the countryside, where I live now (which is what I'll be showing you in the next part). 

This look is styled by me, photographed by Cecilia Hellström, and with make-up by Malvina Johansson.

Malin out. 

12 May 2014

Don't be scared, I've done this before

Outfit credits: first set: UNIF tee, vintage sunnies, Alexandra Inn sunglass chain. Second set: fluffy dress from Motel Rocks, H&M sunnies, ebay choker. 

Seeeeelfies. As I've mentioned, I'm dark haired again. Feels way more like me than blonde, tbh. I used H&M's medium brown hair dye, in case anyone wonders, and Directions Carnation Pink toner to keep it from getting green. 

Malin out.

11 May 2014

New in / Eurovision

UNIF yin-yang sweater (w/ some DIY) / Missguided checked skort / Sheinside floral dress

I'm gonna write you up a review for the UNIF hellraisers, because I know I had hell when trying to figure out sizing and stuff, and I figure why not add one more review to confuse people with?

The UNIF yin/yang sweater is actually this one, but I bought it second hand from Frida, and decided to DIY it a little by adding a zipper in front. I prefer long sweaters to be open in front, rather than like a dress. I had to attach the zipper twice, though, because I fucked it up the first time and kinda panicked, thinking I had ruined it. But it turned out pretty great the second time around. 

And on some completely different notes: 

If you follow me on my facebook page and/or instagram you know I am now dark haired once again. And by all that is holy does it feel good. Don't know why I ever thought blonde was a good idea. 

But more importantly, I feel the need to acknowledge that Conchita won the Eurovision. I've had Rise Like a Phoenix on repeat all day so far. I realise that this is not the first time that a transperson has won the ESC (Dana International in '98), but it is so important that this happened now, while Russia was being booed by the audience (as unfair as that in itself might have been towards Russia's contestants). That love and acceptance won this time, and that this is not a community that will go away, step down or stand to be oppressed any longer. We are unity and we are unstoppable. 

(And if you're not a supporter of LGBT-rights, then I'm very kindly gonna ask you, and this is not just a suggestion, to get the f- off my blog. K thnx bye.)

And of course, I'm just gonna have to put this here:

Malin out.

09 May 2014


Outfit credits: H&M maxi dress, hoodie and scarf, Gina Tricot coat, Famous Ape sunnies, Unif Hellraiser flats, assorted jewelry. 

So I handed in my thesis the other day, and I feel completely incapable of decision making today. I was supposed to either clean up my flat that has become a right mess over the past week, or go help out at the gallery, but I seem to be unable to bring myself to do either. 

And I've dyed my hair a light brown. Not 100% about the shade yet, might want it a little bit darker yet, but I do feel brown hair suits my skin tone way better than blonde. You might not be able to tell from the massive color edit on all my photos, but in real life there's a huge difference (at least to me). I look less pale and less... well, greenish (if you're white, pale, and into makeup you know what I mean). 

I'm gonna try and find the energy and willpower to do something now. Laterrr.

Malin out.

07 May 2014


Outfit credits: Gina Tricot coat, vintage tee, Carlings pants, UNIF snapback, Famous Ape sunnies, ebay bag, Dr Martens boots, assorted jewelry. 

Hi, just wanted to let you know I'm alive. Not particularly feeling it at the moment though, but never the less. If the summer weather came back I would feel a million times better. It's not really doing wonders for your mental health to wake up to a grey sky and thesis-angst every day. But at least it's almost over. Almost. It's gonna be so anticlimactic. 

Malin out.


03 May 2014

Good measure

Outfit credits: H&m hat, Gina Tricot coat, Hard Rock Café tee, Cheap Monday jeans, ebay bag, Famous Ape sunnies, Nelly.com spiked loafers. 

01 May 2014

No Pleasures

Outfit credits: Cubus moto jacket, UNIF no pleasures tee and Neo boots, Acne denim shorts, H&M sunnies, assorted jewelry.

Summer has come to Sweden! I'm so happy (but kinda sad that I have to be indoors by the computer all the days finishing up my thesis)! Mostly because I can wear shorts without tights. It's one  of those fashion-things that I used to do all the time, but now it just reminds me of when I was younger and had a waaay tackier way of dressing, and I just can't bring myself to do it anymore (not saying that it's tacky, it's not, just that I feel tacky, because of personal references). I have a lot of those things going on. Like with lace, or aviator sunglasses. I can barely wear that anymore. It reminds me of middle school. Fond memories, but I'm kinda over and done with it, if you know what I mean!

I had the greatest and most surreal online shopping moment last night. I don't want to tell you what I ordered, because it hasn't actually been shipped yet so I don't want to jinx it, so I end up not getting it. Although, if you follow me on twitter you might already know because I kinda lost my shit on there last night. But once I have it you'll get my full joy-rant on here as well, I promise. Shouldn't be too long, because it's only shipping within the country.

I know I've been a bad blogger over the past few weeks, but I'm really and truly finishing up on my thesis and I promise I'll be better now! I think I'm gonna go get that "house tour"-post done that I promised you forever ago. And the "my tattoos"-post, and possibly also a "my UNIF collection"-post because I feel like it.

This ended up an unexpectedly long text post... Ah, well. I'm in an oddly good mood today, despite the pre-graduation angst. Guess I've learned to live with that, haha.

Malin out.