09 May 2014


Outfit credits: H&M maxi dress, hoodie and scarf, Gina Tricot coat, Famous Ape sunnies, Unif Hellraiser flats, assorted jewelry. 

So I handed in my thesis the other day, and I feel completely incapable of decision making today. I was supposed to either clean up my flat that has become a right mess over the past week, or go help out at the gallery, but I seem to be unable to bring myself to do either. 

And I've dyed my hair a light brown. Not 100% about the shade yet, might want it a little bit darker yet, but I do feel brown hair suits my skin tone way better than blonde. You might not be able to tell from the massive color edit on all my photos, but in real life there's a huge difference (at least to me). I look less pale and less... well, greenish (if you're white, pale, and into makeup you know what I mean). 

I'm gonna try and find the energy and willpower to do something now. Laterrr.

Malin out.

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  1. After a period of hard work that requires using your brain, it is quite normal that you have problems with decision-making. Take a rest, do nothing, you deserve it. Tomorrow is another day :)