31 May 2014

Hand me down

Outfit credits: Vintage top, plaid shirt and bag, Dr Denim jeans, UNIF hellraiser flats, Famous Ape sunnies.

I'm the oldest of the children in my family, so I shouldn't be the one who has hand me downs form my sisters, but nevertheless I do. Because I am the smallest. I'm the one who still fits into some of the clothes we wore in the 90's, and what they wore in elementary/middle school. 

Malin out. 


  1. Those flats are BAAAABIN'

    If only I wasn't putting what money I have towards camera equipment and lenses...

    1. aah, they were expensiveee (but worth it, I loveee them), and I think they're sold out pretty much everywhere in women's sizes, so you can comfort yourself with that! I snagged mine from a Swedish website, and it was the absolute last pair they had!