11 May 2014

New in / Eurovision

UNIF yin-yang sweater (w/ some DIY) / Missguided checked skort / Sheinside floral dress

I'm gonna write you up a review for the UNIF hellraisers, because I know I had hell when trying to figure out sizing and stuff, and I figure why not add one more review to confuse people with?

The UNIF yin/yang sweater is actually this one, but I bought it second hand from Frida, and decided to DIY it a little by adding a zipper in front. I prefer long sweaters to be open in front, rather than like a dress. I had to attach the zipper twice, though, because I fucked it up the first time and kinda panicked, thinking I had ruined it. But it turned out pretty great the second time around. 

And on some completely different notes: 

If you follow me on my facebook page and/or instagram you know I am now dark haired once again. And by all that is holy does it feel good. Don't know why I ever thought blonde was a good idea. 

But more importantly, I feel the need to acknowledge that Conchita won the Eurovision. I've had Rise Like a Phoenix on repeat all day so far. I realise that this is not the first time that a transperson has won the ESC (Dana International in '98), but it is so important that this happened now, while Russia was being booed by the audience (as unfair as that in itself might have been towards Russia's contestants). That love and acceptance won this time, and that this is not a community that will go away, step down or stand to be oppressed any longer. We are unity and we are unstoppable. 

(And if you're not a supporter of LGBT-rights, then I'm very kindly gonna ask you, and this is not just a suggestion, to get the f- off my blog. K thnx bye.)

And of course, I'm just gonna have to put this here:

Malin out.

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