18 May 2014

Picture Diary / 10 - 18 May / Superstar

1. The gallery that, along with the board there, saved my skin and sanity this semester 

2. Before the final presentation of our theses. I was the last person of the day, and I felt seriously sick the entire day. I get slightly nauseous when I'm so nervous and can't eat, so I had to force down apples so that I wouldn't faint or something. It didn't go poorly, and my friends say I did well, but I really can't tell. About ten minutes after it was over I noticed that I have put a hold on life for this and it's been like everything that was supposed to happen after it wasn't really real, and my incapability of decision making was taken to a whole new level. 

3. Before going to our "graduation party". It was a great outfit, but I couldn't for the life of me find the remote control for my camera, so no outfit photos. 

4. When I'm the one among my friends who gets to decide where we're going for dinner...

5. You can now find me at Teen Vogue Fashion Click. I seriously cried when I get the e-mail that I had been approved as a featured blogger. Anything even remotely related to Vogue just seems so unreal. You know, something you joke about being the ultimate goal but no one really thinks is going to ever happen. But here we are, and now be good boys and girls and go give me 'em votes!

Malin out.

Ps. I posted this on facebook late last night when I was feeling sentimental after a few days of many emotional moments, but a massive shout out to my collage-soon-not-to-be-classmates for being super awesome. Especially to Malvina and Hillevi (from the picture above), for putting up with me always, and keeping me from freaking out at the presentation. And to Anna for all the things said at graduation party, du är den finaste! ds.

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