28 May 2014

summer afternoon sun

Outfit credits: H&M hat and sunnies, Monki coat, UNIF tee, Acne shorts, Primark flats, vintage bag. 

Photos by Cicci H. We were doing part two of the Tune Tune photo shoots (coming up soon), and after I changed clothes and before we left to go into town I had her help me with outfit of the day pictures as well. I just love taking ootd pics in my regular spot in the afternoon, especially in the summer. I'm a sucker for lens flares, and if I back all the back to the wall so the sun doesn't shine over the roof, the lighting is so even, but still bright enough to not risk shaky shots. Best time of the year, fer sure. 

Any black tee and these shorts is the base of my everyday summer look, unless I'm feeling fancy and put on a maxi skirt. These shorts really are the best. I got at an Acne outlet for like $15 last summer. They're originally high or mid waisted, but the fit is so loose that I can wear them real baggy, just hanging on my hips, as well as pulling them up with a belt. Most of the time it's the previous. Anyway, one of the best bargains I ever made. 

Malin out.