27 May 2014

Too Many

Outfit credits: Beyond Retro vintage leather jacket, Animals Wave sweater, Acne denim shorts, UNIF sunnies, Lager 157 boots

Heads up for political rant completely unrelated to the pictures (apart from the fact that there obviously are too many f--king idiots in the EU):

If you're from and EU country and didn't vote in the EU parliament election this past weekend then what the f- are you even doing? There are people who are dying for their right to vote and you couldn't be bothered to make a quick stop at the nearest polling station? 13% of the people of the EU voted in the election, and to be honest I find that quite offensive. To be able to vote and be a part, no matter how small, of deciding how your country and continent is going to be run is a privilege that not all people have, and that it is very possible that people fought very in the past so that YOU would be able to. And if you want the world to change, no matter in what direction really, you have to take action. It won't change on it's own, you have to stand up for your beliefs, talk about it, and you have to god damn vote in the elections. 

But the good news is that my party, the Feminist Initiative, gained it's first MEP, and Soraya Post will be the first Romani woman, and also the first to represent a purely feminist party in the EU parliament. 

In the Swedish national parliament election of 2006, FI was brand new and I was 15 y/o and in the 9th grade. We had a pretend-election at my school, and I was the only one who voted FI. The next election when I was allowed to vote for real I also voted FI. And I will do the same in this election, and so will most of my friends and family. This is were I stand and this is important. The feminist break-though is coming and it begins now.

Malin out.

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