13 May 2014

Tune Tune part I

Outfit credits: Tune Tune top and skirt, H&M hat, Famous Ape sunnies, ebay boots and bag.

This is the first part of my collaboration with the Chinese brand Tune Tune, as a part of their campaign "Another me". The second part will be finished in a couple of weeks. Check out and read the first part on their website here.

Along with my friends, I decided to make this "a thing", and do a proper photo shoot. We got together a couple of weeks ago and did this shoot. It was my first time having an look photographed in town, on public places, and it was a lot of fun and sometimes really awkward. But anyhow, now you get to see some pics from the place I'm actually from, which is Malmö, Sweden. The first three and the last pic are from the neighborhood I grew up in, and where I lived before I moved to the countryside, where I live now (which is what I'll be showing you in the next part). 

This look is styled by me, photographed by Cecilia Hellström, and with make-up by Malvina Johansson.

Malin out. 


  1. Oh my you look freakishly stunning in the second photo! your face is divine.

    1. haha thanks! :) xx

  2. You look too cute in this outfit! I love that dress and boots so much!


  3. You look stunning. Everything is just perfectly put together. The second and the last photo are magical :)