28 June 2014


Outfit credits: Monki denim jacket, UNIF Mowie Wowie tee and Hellraiser flats, Nelly Trend jeans, ebay sunnies. 

24 June 2014


Just like everyone who has ever read the Nana manga I am a massive sucker for Vivienne Westwood. I adore her as a person existing in this universe, and I love her couture and shoes. To own a VW piece, ANY piece, is a dream I never thought I'd live. But now I do. I'm a label whore, what can I say. 

They smell of rubber and perfume and none of the product pictures does them justice. Absolutely beautiful. Sky-high (Zalando says 12,5cm, but that is not correct, they're 13,5) with a border-fucked-up angle to your feet, but stable and possible to walk in. Would absolutely not recommend for beginners, though. Run true to size, but almost slightly small, so size up if in doubt. And they're 50% off at Zalando right now (which is where and why I actually got them), and Solestruck also has a little discount atm. 

I love them. I love them I love them I love them. 

Malin out. 

20 June 2014

Picture Diary / 29 May - 15 June / Of fear

1. Matching outfit with Malvina on the last day of school.

2. @ Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour with Lovisa. Dope show but fucking pain in the ass crowd.

3. Selfie

4. Seeeelfie

5. I made bitter feminist stickers.

Hi. When you read this I'm in Germany. I'm only away for the weekend. I have next week off from all sorts of work and stuff, but on next Friday I go to Greece for about 20 days. I keep forgetting to tell you that, haha. I've known about it for like half a year I think, but yeah. There'll probably be wifi somewhere and I'll have my laptop so I'm sure I won't be completely lost to you for the entire time. But vacation YAY! Gonna get so tan I'll be orange when I come back home. 

Malin out. 

15 June 2014


Outfit credits: Sheinside ripped jeans, H&M tee, UNIF snapback and Hellraiser flats, assorted jewelry. 

14 June 2014


Outfit credits: Beyond Retro shirt, Lager 157 jeans, H&M fluffy jacket, Episode sunnies, vintage converse and bag.

13 June 2014


I was contacted by Infinitine a couple of weeks ago and they asked me if I would like to review some of their jewelry. I got to pick some pieces I liked and they sent them to me. And honestly, I am in love. The rings are unique-looking and off good quality, and so is the necklace. And there's so much to choose from as well, I had the hardest time. I picked these because 1. I always wanted a moon ring, 2. I had a shell necklace when I was younger that broke, and I've wanted another one for ages and 3. I just thought the shell knuckle ring looked cute. They also came in this adorable little mint coloured box, and I'm a sucker for cute packaging. It makes the whole online shopping experience a million times better. 

I'm not much for buying jewelry online unless I find something I'm specifically looking for on ebay. I generally think most jewelry is overpriced, especially when adding shipping costs to the equation. But I do find Infinitine's prices to be more than reasonable. $12,8 for the shell necklace, shipping from Korea included, is probably less or the same as what I would have had to pay for a similar one in a store here in Sweden. So yeah, not too bad. 

And I'm wearing the shell necklace right now, actually! Haven't taken it of since I got it!

Malin out. 

12 June 2014

Vintage, so adorable

Some of these things you've seen before in outfit post, but I've done some great vintage bargains lately, so I figured I'd do a haul, showing you all of them at once. And also tell you a bit about my fav vintage shops around where I live (which will be useful if you're from the area or ever visit).

Leather jacket from Beyond Retro.

Hawaii shirt from Beyond Retro and flannel shirt from Episode. 

Monochrome converse from Episode and small bag from Myrorna.

Oversized Lewis 501 shorts from Famous Ape. 

Vintage shopping in Sweden is fairly expensive. Sometimes it can be just as much, and even more, than new clothes. But the thing with vintage is still that you can find unique pieces that no one else has, so it might still be worth it even if I can get a pair of black denim shorts for half the price of my Lewis at H&M. 

Beyond Retro - The shop in Malmö is brand new, and it's an outlet, so pretty much everything is always between 15-75% off. My leather jacket, for example, was originally around 1250 kr*, but I payed 500kr. And I think the Hawaii shirt was about 50% off. I usually think Beyond Retro's "original" prices are a bit too expensive, but with the discount here in Malmö you can actually make some pretty great bargains. 

Episode - There's no Episode in Malmö, but there is one is Copenhagen, and it is a dream.  Like really, pure heaven, especially if you're into the 90's and grunge. I've only been there twice, I don't go to Copenhagen all that often, but the first time I got my Buffalo boots there (but I sold them, because I didn't like wearing them). I was there again a while back, and I found the pair of monochrome converse (that I've been wanting forever, put always put buying solely because I don't want to pay the full price of a new pair). I love how they're already worn and broken in, so I don't have to do it. I also got the black/turquoise flannel shirt. They have SO many of those. And Lewis shorts. Like literally racks and racks. They have reasonable prices. I'd say just below what you'd pay for something new at like H&M. This is definitely a place you should go if the opportunity presents itself. I understand they have shops in other cities as well, like Amsterdam and Paris. 

Myrorna - There are three Myrorna in Malmö (I think). My favourite is the one at Emporia, which is my mall. Mostly because it's the closest, and also because I think it's supposed to be more "hip", since it's in a newly opened mall, and they send some of the more good stuff there (there was so much velvet in the fall!). But generally Myrorna is pretty basic and there's a lot of crap, but sometimes you can find real gems like this dress, or this dress

Famous Ape - Not actually a vintage shop per se, but they sell a little. Like camo jackets, and Lewis jeans and other things that are trendy and kinda edgy. It's not the reason I visit this shop, that I do for their reasonably priced UNIF items. But when I was the last time I got, apart from snagging another UNIF tee, a pair of black Lewis jeans that were way to big for me and made them into oversize shorts. I'm very picky with shorts and how they fit, and the only pair I actually like at the moment are my oversized Acne ones. But they're blue, and obviously I want a pair of black ones. I think Lewis 501 shorts that "fit" me are like w28-29, and these are w32, so they basically just hang there, not snug anywhere. I love it, they fit just like my Acne ones, just needs to be worn in. 

Humana -  I've found some nice dresses there a couple of times, but I generally think it's too pricey, and since it always seems to be a little to much out of my way, I never really fell motivated to go there. But it's kinda well sorted and specialized, with lots of legit vintage-y things from the 90's and older. I got this coat, this dress and this dress from there. 

Emmaus - Also kinda basic, but I keep finding fairly decent vintage converse there. I got a pair of all-white ones really cheap a while ago. And it feels like it should be mentioned if I bring up Humana and Myrorna, because they're all basically on the same block in town.

And there's also Reused 10.01, that I hear is pretty good, but I've never been there.

This post might be completely useless to most of you, but hey, I don't really care :* But I do hope some of you like it anyway.

Malin out.

* If you don't know your currencies: kr is the Swedish krona, our currency, and $1 is about 6,7kr. You do your own math, I ain't got no time for that. 

10 June 2014


Hi guuuys. So, the thing is that I've started at my summer job now, so for the upcoming two weeks blogging might suck. Because 1. when I'm not at work I only sleep and/or watch various things that includes Willam Belli in some way, because she is my woman crush grande atm, and 2. I can't wear whatever I want to work so I have no outfits to document. I've got some stuff in my drafts, and some outfit photos that I am yet to edit, so I'll try to get around to cook some stuff up for ya. 

I'm gonna put in the video to Rupaulogize here when I get home because reasons.

UPDATE: Oh, look there it is. Such beauty. 

Malin out.

ps. Pic above is my (private) facebook cover photo, just so you know. ds. 

08 June 2014

Oh the shade

Outfit credits: 6ks.com sheer chiffon blouse, H&M hat (DIY with bikbok concho belt) and tee, vintage skirt, eBay creepers, UNIF shady sunglasses.

05 June 2014

Pastel blue

Outfit credits: UNIF Meowie Wowie tee, New Look denim jacket, Lager 157 jeans, Episode sunnies, vintage converse.

Here's a thing you didn't know about me: I'm obsessed with pastel blue clothes. I got it into my head about two years ago that I needed to find the perfect pastel blue dress, and I still have not, so I'm always on the lookout for one. But I'm super picky about it, it really has to be perfect. This tee, though, is almost dress-length on my tiny body, so it's kinda filling the hole for me atm. I also love light blue denim. But another thing you probably didn't know, in contrast to this, is that I absolutely hate navy. Can't stand it.

Malin out.

03 June 2014

Tune Tune part II

Outfit credits: Tune Tune top and shorts, H&M hat and sunglasses, New Look denim jacket, Dr Martens boots. 

For part one click here.

This look is styled by me, photographed by Cecilia Hellström and with make-up by Malvina Johansson.

01 June 2014

On Top

Outfit credits: H&M fluffy jacket, Monki sweater, Topshop pants, episode sunnies, vintage bag and converse.