13 June 2014


I was contacted by Infinitine a couple of weeks ago and they asked me if I would like to review some of their jewelry. I got to pick some pieces I liked and they sent them to me. And honestly, I am in love. The rings are unique-looking and off good quality, and so is the necklace. And there's so much to choose from as well, I had the hardest time. I picked these because 1. I always wanted a moon ring, 2. I had a shell necklace when I was younger that broke, and I've wanted another one for ages and 3. I just thought the shell knuckle ring looked cute. They also came in this adorable little mint coloured box, and I'm a sucker for cute packaging. It makes the whole online shopping experience a million times better. 

I'm not much for buying jewelry online unless I find something I'm specifically looking for on ebay. I generally think most jewelry is overpriced, especially when adding shipping costs to the equation. But I do find Infinitine's prices to be more than reasonable. $12,8 for the shell necklace, shipping from Korea included, is probably less or the same as what I would have had to pay for a similar one in a store here in Sweden. So yeah, not too bad. 

And I'm wearing the shell necklace right now, actually! Haven't taken it of since I got it!

Malin out. 

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