10 June 2014


Hi guuuys. So, the thing is that I've started at my summer job now, so for the upcoming two weeks blogging might suck. Because 1. when I'm not at work I only sleep and/or watch various things that includes Willam Belli in some way, because she is my woman crush grande atm, and 2. I can't wear whatever I want to work so I have no outfits to document. I've got some stuff in my drafts, and some outfit photos that I am yet to edit, so I'll try to get around to cook some stuff up for ya. 

I'm gonna put in the video to Rupaulogize here when I get home because reasons.

UPDATE: Oh, look there it is. Such beauty. 

Malin out.

ps. Pic above is my (private) facebook cover photo, just so you know. ds. 

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