05 June 2014

Pastel blue

Outfit credits: UNIF Meowie Wowie tee, New Look denim jacket, Lager 157 jeans, Episode sunnies, vintage converse.

Here's a thing you didn't know about me: I'm obsessed with pastel blue clothes. I got it into my head about two years ago that I needed to find the perfect pastel blue dress, and I still have not, so I'm always on the lookout for one. But I'm super picky about it, it really has to be perfect. This tee, though, is almost dress-length on my tiny body, so it's kinda filling the hole for me atm. I also love light blue denim. But another thing you probably didn't know, in contrast to this, is that I absolutely hate navy. Can't stand it.

Malin out.


  1. Jag har letat efter den perfekta sommarklänningen i tusesn år, och är sjuuukt kräsen. Vet inte om den finns därute. Och jag håller helt med om att ljusblå denim är gorgeous, och marinblå är skit! :P

    1. Kunde tänka mig att du skulle förstå haha! Jag håller dock på att bepröva en teori om att det kanske är en jumpuit som är lösningen, men har ju såklart inte hittat den perfekta där heller än...

  2. Rad tee, lady! The light and whole scene feels great. Just discovered your blog today and will be coming back for more!


  3. You're as picky as me as I can see. I have also been a bit obssessed with baby blue lately, but it started not so long ago so my search for a great blue dress isn't as long as yours. As soon as you find you perfect dress I need to see it. I wish you good luck with it and I'm looking forward to it :)