20 June 2014

Picture Diary / 29 May - 15 June / Of fear

1. Matching outfit with Malvina on the last day of school.

2. @ Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour with Lovisa. Dope show but fucking pain in the ass crowd.

3. Selfie

4. Seeeelfie

5. I made bitter feminist stickers.

Hi. When you read this I'm in Germany. I'm only away for the weekend. I have next week off from all sorts of work and stuff, but on next Friday I go to Greece for about 20 days. I keep forgetting to tell you that, haha. I've known about it for like half a year I think, but yeah. There'll probably be wifi somewhere and I'll have my laptop so I'm sure I won't be completely lost to you for the entire time. But vacation YAY! Gonna get so tan I'll be orange when I come back home. 

Malin out. 


  1. ugh, bra klistermärke!!

  2. You look amazing on the fourth foto and your hair is great on the third...

    Have a great time!