30 July 2014


Outfit credits: Killer Condo tee, Missguided shell necklace, vintage everything else.

29 July 2014

Lovisa Z for tune tune

While in Greece earlier this summer I did two photo shoots with Lovisa for tune tune. I don't do a lot of photography of other people anymore, so this was so much fun! These are some of my favorite photos from the shoots.

Malin out.

ps. Lovisa is my younger sister, in case you didn't know. ds.

28 July 2014

Just do it

Outfit credits: Hoodboyz Classic Nike tee and sleeveless hoodie, Fabulous jeans, H&M heels, Vintage backpack, Yesfor.com wrist watch, ebay sunnies.

26 July 2014

Hard Enough

Outfit credits: Yesfor.com leggings, diamond snake bracelet and wrist watch, Dr Martens boots, UNIF Bad Sport Logo bra, H&M sunnies and silver bracelet, vintage everything else.

25 July 2014

And the sun will shine again

Outfit credits: Missguided maxi dress and strap heels, vintage clutch, Infinitine rings, DIY cross necklace.

So this is the night look for the same dress as in the previous post (I take "night" very seriously). My philosophy when getting dressed up is always "less is more", so I always keep the accessories to a minimum. But I still like something small, just so, you know, it doesn't look like I just put on a dress. What I'm particularly proud of in this look is how the cross neckless ends just above the cut of the dress! And another tip for this dress; if you're gonna go out in it like this, without the regular bra or something else under, you will need some sort of fashion tape or something, or your boobs will fall out.

I'm not a fan of platform heels/boots with maxi dresses or skirts. Unfortunately (or maybe not unfortunately...) most of the heels I own are platforms, since it's what I generally prefer with anything else. So when I wear a full length dress or skirt I usually end up wearing flat boots with them. But recently I've started "stocking up" on non-platform heels like these beauties, also from Missguided, that I'm wearing to this look.

And the clutch I found at a vintage store, and I had to get it because it reminds me of Vivienne Westwood (though, obviously it is not), with the heart!

Malin out.

24 July 2014

Are you caught up in the light?

Outfit credits: Missguided maxi dress and fringed jacket, Gina Tricot lace bodysuit, vintage boots and backpack, flee market sunnies. 

I was asked by Missguided to style one of their maxi dresses for both a day and a night look, and being a massive sucker for maxi dresses there was no way I could say no to that!

I personally wear maxi dresses more for day looks than night. I know a lot of people think it's too dressy, but that's all in your head, kids! Unless you have to do things were it's not actually practical, I find it to be way more comfortable than both pants, jeans, leggings or short dresses. 

A tip if you want to get this particular dress though is that because the material kinda heavy and stretchy, you might want to size down. Especially if you have a thin frame, and/or a defined waist/arched back like I do. I'm a regular UK8/EU36, and that's what I have in this dress, but I could easily have gone down to a 6, especially since it's pretty long as well, and I'm a shortie. But by god do I love it. 10/10 would recommend!

Stay tuned for the night look!

Malin out.

23 July 2014


Outfit credits: vintage tee, backpack and boots, fleemarket sunnies and ebay skorts.

It's so hot here right now I can't even function. Can't be outside and I can't really be inside either because I obviously don't have air condition (because this is Sweden), and it's not windy so it doesn't matter that I open the windows.

But anyhow, I don't think I've worn this tee in an outfit post before? *checks* Nope. I got it a while ago at my local Beyond Retro and it's my new fav. It's so big, worn and soft! That's really how I pick out tees when vintage shopping; the most oversized and worn ones, preferably slightly sun bleached and with small holes in them! 

Malin out. 

20 July 2014

Let's go to the beach

#nomakeup #manyfilter #umissedthemwebcamselfies #chips #noteventhattan

You know, summer in Sweden really is the best, when it's actually summer weather. I prefer being on the beach here in the south a thousand times to anywhere else on the good days. 

After having been away for such a long holiday as this recent trip to Greece was, it feels so good coming home. This is a great country to come from and live in in so many ways. 

Gonna go work on that tan now, laterZ!

Malin out. 

17 July 2014


Outfit credits: GoodGirlTees "my favorite photos are selfies" tee, vintage Levis 501 shorts, backpack and boots, episode sunnies.

16 July 2014

New in

From top left to bottom right:

Vintage boots, LA Lakers snapback, The Body Shop pink grapefruit body butter, Maybeline Baby Lips Cherry Me, MAC matte lipstick Diva, fleemarket tiny purse, H&M heels, vintage clutch bag, Ralph Lauren cotton shirt, H&M white basic crop top, vintage backpack, fleemarket sunglasses, a-Jays headphones, silk scarf from random shop in Oia (Santorini). 

I'M HOME AGAIN! And damn it's good to be back.

These are the things I bought on my trip to Greece, along with some shopping I did today when I went to the mall to stock up on groceries. I didn't do much shopping in Greece, and for once in my life I ended up buying fewer, more expensive things. This is about 50/50 bought in Greece and bought here in Malmö.

Malin out. 

11 July 2014


Outfit credits: Vintage tee and plaid shirt, Monki maxi skirt, H&M sunnies, Lager 157 boots.

07 July 2014


Outfit credits: Beyond Retro vintage dress, H&M bodycon dress and flats, episode sunnies, assorted jewelry.

If any of you missed it I'm in Greece at the moment and for about another week. We're currently on Ios, it's freaking hot and I'm kinda tan. I update somewhat regularly on instagram, but mostely on my second one, magdalenafromspace, that I use for photos that aren't selfies. It's kinda like my "private" instagram, but it's not actually private, if you know what I mean. So check that out if you care. Otherwise I still post selfies and shit on my regular one, but less frequently.

Malin out.

03 July 2014