25 July 2014

And the sun will shine again

Outfit credits: Missguided maxi dress and strap heels, vintage clutch, Infinitine rings, DIY cross necklace.

So this is the night look for the same dress as in the previous post (I take "night" very seriously). My philosophy when getting dressed up is always "less is more", so I always keep the accessories to a minimum. But I still like something small, just so, you know, it doesn't look like I just put on a dress. What I'm particularly proud of in this look is how the cross neckless ends just above the cut of the dress! And another tip for this dress; if you're gonna go out in it like this, without the regular bra or something else under, you will need some sort of fashion tape or something, or your boobs will fall out.

I'm not a fan of platform heels/boots with maxi dresses or skirts. Unfortunately (or maybe not unfortunately...) most of the heels I own are platforms, since it's what I generally prefer with anything else. So when I wear a full length dress or skirt I usually end up wearing flat boots with them. But recently I've started "stocking up" on non-platform heels like these beauties, also from Missguided, that I'm wearing to this look.

And the clutch I found at a vintage store, and I had to get it because it reminds me of Vivienne Westwood (though, obviously it is not), with the heart!

Malin out.


  1. Amazing pictures!

    x Dawn

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  3. You look stunning, especially on the third photo. I love the dark queen vibe with the dark lips. Just amazing! :D