24 July 2014

Are you caught up in the light?

Outfit credits: Missguided maxi dress and fringed jacket, Gina Tricot lace bodysuit, vintage boots and backpack, flee market sunnies. 

I was asked by Missguided to style one of their maxi dresses for both a day and a night look, and being a massive sucker for maxi dresses there was no way I could say no to that!

I personally wear maxi dresses more for day looks than night. I know a lot of people think it's too dressy, but that's all in your head, kids! Unless you have to do things were it's not actually practical, I find it to be way more comfortable than both pants, jeans, leggings or short dresses. 

A tip if you want to get this particular dress though is that because the material kinda heavy and stretchy, you might want to size down. Especially if you have a thin frame, and/or a defined waist/arched back like I do. I'm a regular UK8/EU36, and that's what I have in this dress, but I could easily have gone down to a 6, especially since it's pretty long as well, and I'm a shortie. But by god do I love it. 10/10 would recommend!

Stay tuned for the night look!

Malin out.


  1. you look awesome, great hair too

  2. I definately do not agree with the statement that maxi dresses are too dressy for a day look!

    And you look great in this lovely piece!

    1. I know! But I hear people all the time being like "I can't wear a full length skirt, it's too fancy" or "Why are you so dressed up?" (when somebody else is wearing it), it's so stupid!

      Thank you xx

    2. Besides, it is good to brake some rules. My impression of you is that you have a soul of a rebel :)