07 August 2014

#tbt 2006

Found some old pictures of my friendsies and I from back in the days. I was fifteen and Wapanese was the thing to be if you were an alternative white girl (that or emo). Though I have to admit I was pretty bad at it, commitment wise. I enjoyed the fashion and I read some manga  (and still do to some degree), but that was pretty much it. Because this was before I found my true love in science-fiction TV-shows. Before I had even seen the X-Files. Hah. Good times (not really). No, but seriously, it was pretty good. Carefree. My biggest problem was how I was going to afford as much clothes as possible on the little pocket money that I got each month. Funny that, because this was the time in my life when my friends and I were bullied. But to be honest it never bothered me all that much. I was not the way I was, and dressed the way I did for provocation, so mostly I just ignored the attention when I got it. And really, though, who is the one with 15,000 lookbook fans now? That's more people than there is living in the village I went to school in and the one I in live combined. I stayed true to myself and, as follows, success is the best revenge. 

Malin out.

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  1. What a transformation ;) I had a style somewhat similar to this as a kid, and got bullied a lot as well. Funny to look back and see how people can change!