19 August 2014

Vintage bargains

Tees from Beyond Retro, Harley Davidson top from tradera. 

Black vintage tees with weird/random prints has been my favorite thing to wear for months now. The more worn they are the better. Beyond Retro in my town has a great supply of it, and since it's an outlet store where basically everything is always on sale, you can get it really cheap as well. 

Here's a thing I'm not sure if I've said before; I collect "tourist t-shirts" from places I haven't been. It's kinda like that thing when wannabe-hipster kids wear band t-shirts of bands they barely know, but with countries and cities. When my sisters or parents go abroad to cool places I always have them buy me a shirt. For example my sister got one from the Great Wall of China and Baku, and my dad got one from Atlanta. And also when vintage shopping it's a nice plus if the black tee I get has a print from a random place I haven't been. Like Minnesota. 

Malin out. 

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