12 September 2014


Outfit credits: UNIF Sangre moto jacket, H&M hoodie, Gina Tricot crop top, Lager 157 jeans, Nelly.com boots.

So I accidentally bought a UNIF jacket. But to my defense the price that I ended up paying was out of this world for a UNIF garment, or anything of this quality. It was at Famous Ape (y'all know one of my fav stores in Malmö), and I don't actually know if it was on a discount or just seriously underpriced, but it was only 700 SEK (roughly $100). And it looks so good, guys, the fit is great. Even Lovisa said it was gorgeous and she's about as far from the style of UNIF as you can possibly get. It even has like five pockets that are all real! And we all know the struggle of fake pockets. Also, it should be said that it being in a burgundy velvet will make it a great statement piece for fall. 

Since my basic wardrobe is a lot of plain black clothes, I like to have pieces like this that are simple and wearable for the everyday, but that will automatically make any outfit look edgy. UNIF makes amazing such pieces, another example being the Hellraiser flats. 

Malin out.

ps. Still massively obsessed with Sia's album. The best part at work atm is when we listen to the NRJ  radio station and they play Chandelier like once an hour. ds.

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  1. Definitely a great jacket but my favourite piece from this post are the boots.