27 September 2014

Don't, don't you want me?

In awesome dress from Motel Rocks

I think I'm almost done with the abuse of my hair for this time around. It's pretty much white now. Yesterday it was bright turquoise blue, haha. Bicarbonate+shampoo is my bestest friend. It takes forever, but it really is the most amazing, and the damage is minimal compared to bleaching, even if you bleach just once, and do this six times. It gets a bit dry at worst, which is easily cured by a  hair mask.

If you have no idea what I'm on about, I'm talking about the little magic trick where you mix bicarbonate (baking soda) and schampoo to lift semi-permanent hair dye out of your hair. You just put the mix in your hair, leave it in for 1,5 h and rinse. And depending on how dark the hair color is, the more times you have to do it. You have to rinse it roughly every 1,5 h though, or the color just stays on your head, having nowhere to go, and no more will come out.

As I wrote a couple of days aho had a lot of yellow/orange spots in my bleached hair that I wanted gone. So to remove yellow/orange you have to add blue/purple. So I dyed it all blue to neutralize  all the warm colors, and then I lifted it all out. I put in new mix four times to get it all out, and took turns putting in pink/purple toner to keep it from getting green. So that's how ya do it.

Also, I cut it a bit (read: a lot). I really like it, tbh. It looks so edgy and like it was totally on purpose!

// Malin out

ps. Listening to Human League's Don't You Want Me like a crazy person because reasons. ds.


  1. Can you also use the baking soda+shampoo mixture if your hair are dyed in a dark colour?

    I already commented on your hair on instagram but I will do it again to show how much I love it. Ohh... I love it a lot!!! Haha it is extraordinary, super cool and edgy. You look fabulous in it!

    1. It can only be used on semi-permanent dyes or toners. I've only done it on directions hair dye, so I don't know about other brands, but in theory it should work on any shade as long as it's not a permanent dye! And it doesn't matter if it's dark, mine was a pretty dark blue when I started the other day, it just takes longer to get it out, since you have to do it more times!

      And thank you!!!

  2. Yeah I love the cute, edgy is definitely the words and it really suits you <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Your hair looks awesome. Very space punk. How do you know so much about hair color theory?


    1. Thank you! It's trial and error mainly.