17 September 2014

Straight for the Knife

I was gonna do a blog post yesterday for today, but I got sick (I even almost had a fever!!!), so that didn't happen. So here's a webcam selfie from a few days ago, because we all know the reason you're here is that you want to look at my face. So here I am in the most ridiculous tee that is most likely not Adidas I found at a vintage store, and my brand new mega-basic men's hoodie. I'm not much of a fan of women's hoodies because they're always so short! I just want them to cover my butt, but they're all like made to end above the waistline of low cut jeans! So yeah, men's department it is. 

This was a bit random, but I felt compelled to make a post, even if it's completely pointless. Feels like it's been a while since I made a post like this anyway. I contemplated writing a commentary to the Swedish election, but I find myself still uncertain about my feelings about what has happened, and how to express them. I guess it kind of depends on what happens next, in the upcoming few days. 

I still have a massive cold but because I am super-devoted (HA!) there will be a new outfit post tomorrow!

Good talk!

Malin out. 


  1. I am a bit late with this comment, so I hope you've already got better :)
    The t-shirt you are wearing is so positively silly. I love it.