04 September 2014

Things not spoken about

Outfit credits: Missguided fringe jacket, bikbok maxi skirt, episode sunnies, vintage everything else. 

I dyed my hair pink again, because I can never resist. 

I also got tattoo nr. 8 yesterday. I was thinking I was finally going to do a "my tattoos"-post when the swelling has gone down some more, like next week. So I was wondering if anyone has any questions about it that they would like for me to answer, about my motives and experiences with tattoos? In case you do, leave a comment, or tweet/facebook (on my official page, tho, obviously) me and I'll try and answer whatever you might want to know!

Malin out.

ps. ALSO, I made a promise on ask.fm that I would do a photoshop tutorial for my basic color edit that I do in most my photos (like these for example). And I did, but posted it on my second blog, because I didn't want it to mess up the aesthetics of this one. But here's a link to it! ds.

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