24 September 2014


Outfit credits: Missguided fluffy knit and check skirt, H&M hoodie, vintage tee, boots and bag.

This skirt is great for fall. Do you know why? Not because of the colors (okay, well, that too tbh), but because it's an A-line skirt (and not skater) in a stiff/heavy material, which means that it doesn't slide or blow up from the wind. I personally hate wearing skirts and dresses that does just that (blow up), which especially is a problem during F/W. I live not far from the ocean, so it's more or less always windy here. But in this skirt I didn't even think about it. It was at a point where I almost forgot I was indeed wearing a skirt, which is a whole other problem. 

The biggest issue in my life atm (right after getting my hair in the right color) is however that the sewing machine is sort of broken, and I have tons of shit I need to fix, take in and shorten. (Note to self: have dad look at it asap!!!)

Malin out. 


  1. I know how it is (for the people who sew regularly) when it is not working properly. Right now I am in the process of saving money for a new equipment because my machine is just playing tricks me. One time it works great and the other time it's not. So good luck and I hope your dad can fix the sewing machine and fast :D

    1. haha it's the worst! Turns out it wasn't broken tho! Dad claims I'm threading it wrong, but I find that hard to believe since I've been threading it the same way for at least the past ten years and it has always been fine before, haha! But it seems to work again either way!