26 October 2014

Can't feel anything

So this happened and it crushed my heart and soul. 

If you don't know it's from SNL. And if you're not into that I feel sorry for you. Also if you don't know this is Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon, of whom the latter is my greatest woman crush right now.

I feel I write to little about TV-shows lately. You who are new to my blog probably don't notice or relize, but you who have been around a while know that aside from all that this is, TV-shows (sci-fi) is my greatest hobby. I live through TV-shows. It's a greatness I can never achieve to be a part of something in real life that even resembles Star Trek or Stargate. I so badly want to see the universe in that way, to see things beyond this tiny little planet. Because I know there's more than this. And knowing that is enough most of the time, as long as I can put on Voyager and then dream about it.

I don't write much these days because I'm not binge watching anything right now. the only show I follow with full devotion is SNL. And Castle half-heartedly.  I'm not feeling the new season of Doctor Who at all. And to be completely honest, this season of American Horror Story might be too scary for me. I can't deal with the clown. It may be so that I have to binge watch that later when the season is complete to lessen the time of which I will be feeling anxious about being outside alone when it's dark. It's kinda problematic to be afraid of that this time of year when it's dark so many hours of the day. And as it is right now the anxiety after each episode lessen in about the same time for it to come a new episode. And I just... Rather not. 

I think maybe I should get it together and finish Stargate SG-1. I think I have a few seasons left. But I don't like it when they break up the original team. 

Does anyone have any tips for shows that are preferably sci-fi or crime that has female leads and/or a female heavy cast? That is also preferably relatively new (I will go no further back than the 90's)? I could use something new. And don't say Rizzoli and Isles. 

This turned into a rant. And it was definitely on purpose. Gonna read some Stargate fanfiction now. 

Malin out. 

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  1. I don't know if you'll read this since this post is a little old... but there's a series called Orphan Black that is kind of famous now, it's about clones and I really like it. I just don't know if I can say that it has a female heavy cast since all clones are performed by one actress only, haha. But it's a really good series :D