15 October 2014

New in

tattoo chokers with pendants, all ebay.

I just got home from a weekend in Stockholm , and I did some shopping while I was there. The jacket and the bell bottom leggings I got at the Alice by Belle Shoes store, and the shoes I got at a Factory outlet.

I'm in love with the bell bottom leggings so bad. They are so flattering on me and make my legs look super long and slim, especially if I wear them with heels. You'll see when I style them. And they are sooo comfortable.

And speaking of comfort. I've started putting pendants on all my tattoo chokers, because it makes them so much more comfy to wear. I usually find them too tight to wear for longer periods of time otherwise, but with a pendant that weighs them down it's way better. And you can get cool pendants super cheap of ebay. Just search for like "sun pendant" or whatever and you'll find loads. 

Malin out. 

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  1. Nice finds. Love the flares and thinking of buying a pair...