30 October 2014

Picture Diary / uncertain / Magdalena from space

I'm sure I've said before, but I have a second instagram. It's called magdalenafromspace, and it's sort of my "private" one, although it's not private. It's more of my picture diary that I keep for my own sake. It's for all those small details in life that are beautiful, and you want to remember and take pictures of. When I'm on vacation I usually post those photos there. The reason I'm doing this post is because I'm going away for the weekend and I never got around to preparing blog posts. So I thought I'd share this. And now I have finally upgraded to a iPhone 5S (from the shitty 4 I've had for the past six months), so I think I will take more photos now that the camera doesn't take forever to start up.

In case you were wondering why it's Magdalena from space, it's because my given name, Malin, is a shortened, Scandinavian version of Magdalena. I've gotten very attached to it in the past five or so years, and it feels as if it's sort of my magical alter-ego. 

Malin out.

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  1. Hi Malin! Thank you for sharing a little peek inside your world. Your real name is as beautiful as your alter-ego name! Thank you for sharing <3 xoxo

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW