28 October 2014

Vintage haul

So payday came and went, and I did some real bargains when Malvina and I did a tour around most of the vintage shops in our hometown. Black tees with random prints from Beyond Retro. I've been wanting a Harley Davidson tee for ages. Lewis mom jeans from Myrorna. Some basic black stuff from Myrorna and Humana. 

And last but most definitely not least; a pair of Demonia platform boots from Beyond Retro. Now, I've been dreaming of a pair of Demonia boots since I was fifteen (my style back then was sort of Decora meets pastel goth), and I had even saved up to buy a pair, but circumstances happened and I never got around to it, but I've been half-heartedly searching for a pair to a reasonable price since then. So finding these at BR was heart-stopping. The price was good to begin with, but since the BR in my town is an outlet store, they were half of, so they were a really good price for a pair that seems to be barely used. I don't actually know what size they are, but they are a perfect fit. 

What I have done to them though, is a little DIY that turned out great but could just as well had ruined them. See, this is the Transformer 800 boots, they were originally knee-high (like this), but because I have so slim calfs, knee-high boots never really work on me. And they were missing one of the straps as well so I figured I had to do something. So I decided to cut them off about mid-calf (don't try this at home, kids). Since the fabric is fairly thin, I could sew around the edge, and sew down the zipper in the back without a hustle. Unless you look closely you can barely tell of my abuse, and now they're much more usable as well. Knee-high boots with platform and that many buckles is a bit too much for me for basically any situation. But this is great. Super comfortable to walk in as well. Can't wait to properly style them!

Malin out. 


  1. Ååååhh Demoniaskor var också min dröm runt 14-15, och köpte ett par transformers begagnade för 200 som jag massakerade på festivaler. Jag har såklart kvar dem men kan inte använda dem för att jag har typ för långa ben så att den del som sticker ut för att göra plats för vadmuskeln sitter alldeles för långt ner. Den liksom formar om mitt ben helt knas. SÅ DET HÄR var ju en FET IDÉ! :O go Malin!!

    1. haha jag hade sjuk ångest när jag klippte av dem, men det gick supersmidigt!

  2. Loving your vintage haul. THOSE SHOES <3 PURE LOVE!
    x Dawn // wickedlypleasant.blogspot.com

  3. Wow! I so want to see you in those crazy (in a positive way) boots!!! Can't wait for a look with them! :D