08 October 2014

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave

Outfit credits: Motel Rocks faux fur coat and zipper dress, H&M sunglasses, vintage boots, Fyndiq.se colored lenses (Mad Hatter)

So it is now Halloween month, which is the ultimate holiday for all of us who likes it creepy and to dress up. I did a soft start look with these pieces I got from Motel Rocks. What I like about this look is that it has this sexy vibe without actually showing skin, and in combination with the colored lenses and the haircut it looks very extravagant, and sort of demonic and futuristic. Imagine a sci-fi show that takes place a couple of hundred years in the future, and where there's alien-human hybrids. Kinda like that!

I'm not sure how many serious costumes I'm going to do this year. Before I've done like two or three. So far I've only got one planned that I'm working on, but we'll see. As I've said before, this year my theme is sci-fi. Previous themes has been Disney princess gone gore (1 and 2), and American Horror Story. I've started gathering things for my costumes anyway, so it better turn out good!

Speaking of American Horror Story; how psyched on a scale from 1-10 are you that season 4 starts today? I'm at about 10000000000 times one million right now.

Malin out.


  1. These photos are aweesome, and I'm in love with your Beauty and the Beast photos, so beautiful *-*
    Do you take your photos by yourself?

    1. Thank you <3 And yes, I do!

  2. I'm waiting for more... :)