31 December 2014

2014 recap

I'm kicking off the new year abroad, in Dublin with my sister and a friend. But here's a short recap of my 2014. Above is most of my favorite outfits of the year, and below is the same questions I answered last year, I figured it would be fun.

How have your 2014 been?
Well, it's been part hell to be honest. The final semester of collage is not fun. But I've learned to not dwell on bad memories/experiences after it's over and done, so apart from some struggles I've allowed myself to be happy. And there's been lots of good memories too. 

Did you do something you've never done before?
I graduated with a bachelor from collage. Hope I never have to do that again. 

A particular date you will never forget?
ArtRave on September 30th.

What was your greatest success in 2014?
Graduated collage and reached almost 18k fans on lookbook.

Best buy?
My vintage chelsea boots (the ones I wear in seven of the pictures above), and my vintage fake fur coat maybe as well. 

What did you spend the most money on?

Did something make you really happy?
Passing my bachelor's thesis. So much shit went down around that, so I cried in relief when I got the e-mail saying I had passed. 

Which songs will remind you of 2014?
All the songs from Sia's 1000 Forms of Fear

Who did you spend the most time with?
Apart from my family, definitely Malvina, my partner in crime. 

Where did you travel during 2014?
Greece, Germany, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Ireland.

What did you do on your birthday?
I learned how to crochet and my grandma's and then we went out and had steak and froyo (not at the same time). 

Something that could have made your year better?
Well, if the final term of collage hadn't been shit, it would have been great.

Any advice for yourself for 2015?
Live in the present and don't be afraid.

Any New Year's resolutions?
Only secret ones!

So apparently the first half of my year was all about my bachelor, and the second half was pretty much just been me recovering from that experience. Obviously there's been other things to, but some things are just to personal for me to want to share on the internet. You get it.

Anyway, happy new year and I hope your 2014 was good and that your 2015 will be!

Malin out. 

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