05 December 2014

too cool for school

Outfit credits: Bikbok coat, H&M hoodie and beanie, vintage tee, Gina Tricot jeans, UNIF Pyramid pack, Dr Martens boots, La Moda fake septum, ebay glasses.

This beautiful bag was my Black Friday bargain of the year. I figured I the one UNIF thing that I didn't have but could really use is a bag, so there you go. It's roomy and easy to carry, so it's all fun and games. And as a side bonus for me the triangle reflects light like it's nobody's business, so cars will be able to see me when it's dark (usually use my holographic tote from O-Mighty for that purpose these days), which it is all the fucking time.

Note to self: wear more real jeans. It's more comfortable than you how remember.

Malin out.