10 December 2014


Outfit credits: Vintage coat, H&M scarf, hoodie and turtleneck sweater, Ebay skirt, Prestige sunglasses, LaModa shoes and fake septum, UNIF backpack.

If you follow me on other social media, like instagram/twitter, or if you know me irl than you probably know that Effie Trinket (aka Elizabeth Banks) form the Hunger Games is my current girl crush deluxe. I'm living in the torment of being unable to rewatch Mockingjay without having to go to the movies again (which I can't afford because of things like I have pink hair to maintain and also I need to eat). So now I wear a scarf on my head at every possible moment of the day to feel better about it.  Won't tuck in all of my hair though, because frankly what's the point of maintaining said pink hair if you can't see it?

I wish I had this scarf in more colors because it's a thicker and heavier material (probably 100%cotton, idk? I cut off the label) than my other ones (that are silky), and makes the best knot. But I got it years ago so obviously they don't have it no more.

Malin out. 

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