23 January 2015

Bang my head against the wall

Outfit credits: Blind Youth tee, UNIF twerk jeans, H&M hoodie, Gina Tricot long knit cardigan, Dr Martens boots, New Look sheer heart socks.

I'm currently torn between wanting to look like I escaped a Sia music video and Helena from Orphan Black. 

I've been drooling over the UNIF twerk jeans since they came out (even though I can't twerk to save my life), and after months and months and months I finally have them. I got them of the Nasty Gal mid-season sale. It's too cold to wear them out most days here, still, but I wear them at home all the time. 

Also love this tee from Blind Youth. I pretty much only wear black vintage tees these days, and it's hard to come by newly fabricated ones that has like a "vintage look", which sucks when you find one with a cool print. This though, has that look. It's sort of off-black and quality fabric that makes it fall nicely so it looks far more worn than it is (UNIF tees are like that too). Also this print is awesome af. 

And also, I'm kinda sorry about the past weeks short of blogging. As I wrote, some shit happened, and while it wasn't anything I couldn't deal with, it left me momentarily unmotivated to engage in anything. But nothing that spending time with mom and dad, and some good music couldn't get me through. And motivation for blogging came right back with the twerk jeans. So it's all good (almost). 

Malin out. 


  1. Awesome look. Although it seems like jeans, t-shirt and docs, all of the pieces are great. I especially like the long cardigan.

  2. Fierce! Your shoe collection makes me jelly as hell