28 January 2015


Top left to bottom right: denim, striped, red, black, dark green, striped

I've had blazers on my mind for the past month. I got a new black one when I was in Dublin that I'm dying to wear as jacket when it gets warmer. And the past week my craze has intensified since Sia wore the most beautiful, floor length, red blazer that I had ever laid my eyes on when she was at SNL. I'm still failing to come across a similar one (because it has to be REALLY long). If you should find one, please let me know. But anyway, my obsession is not limited to long ones. Above is a selection of cool ones from Choies. I'm particularly eying the black and white striped one. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get my hands on it, one way or the other. It would be so cool to style with a vintage tee and jeans when spring finally kicks in!

Malin out. 

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