29 March 2015


outfit credits: ZNU off-shoulder dress, Lager 157 jeans, vintage boots, H&M beanie.

Just casually finding ways to flash my new tattoo. This dress is gonna be super nice in the summer when you can wear it with, well... Less. I wore a hoodie and a jacket over this when I actually went out, but imagine with a tan, bare legs, boots and sunglasses. I mean, it's cool with jeans and all, but in my mind it's summer already and all I can think about is wearing shorts and no extra sweaters under my jacket!

Malin out.

20 March 2015

You can paint me any color

Outfit credits: Choies striped blazer, vintage tee (Beyond Retro) and boots, Lager157 jeans, H&M beanie, Lindex sunglasses, LaModa fake septum. 

New wig, new tattoo and the new album from Marina & the Diamonds playing at every possible moment!

17 March 2015

The sky is not grey anymore

Outfit credits: Cubus moto jacket, H&M hoodie, vintage shirt and boots, Lager157 jeans, Prestige sunglasses. 

Hi guys! Guess what? My summer vacation this year will be spent sort-of roadtripping in Florida! We fly to Miami in mid-June and then we will be traveling across the state for 19 days.

If any of you have been to Miami, Orlando or any other more major cities and tourist-y towns in Florida and know of cool shopping places you think I would like, please let me know! I'm trying to look into it myself, but it's so hard when you have no frame of reference. I've only been to America once before and that was like ten years ago and a different part of the country (New York, Boston, Cape Cod and those areas). 

Malin out. 

13 March 2015


Outfit credits: H&M maxi trench coat and hoodie, vintage tee and boots, Lager 157 jeans, Lindex sunglasses, La Moda choker and fake septum.

This coat gives you that real Snape swagger, I tell you.