29 April 2015


Outfit credits: Lalalilo denim dungaree, vintage tee, Dr Martens boots, Upfront Company hat.

Got this pair of dungarees from Lalalilo and now I finally a pair that actually fit me, yay! Funnily I prefer light blue denim in shorts and dungarees over black. I don't even know why. And these have that vintage-y, worn blue denim that I love! And now that spring is really here and summer is just around the corner! You can almost actually wear shorts now on a good day! I didn't actually dare going out in this outfit, because you really can't trust the weather.

Malin out.

27 April 2015

Wild rose

Outfit credits: ZNU off-the-shoulder blouse, vintage cardigan and bag, Lager 157 jeans, Dr Martens boots, Jollychic sunglasses, H&M hat. 

This look makes me feel like a vintage alien. 

24 April 2015

Cover Girl

Outfit credits: Missguided fringe biker jacket, vintage top and belt, UNIF twerk jeans, Daughter of Jón mobile phone sleeve, Johnny Bulls boots, flea market sunnies. 

This mobile phone sleeve from Daughter of Jón is my new best friend. I like how it's real leather so it's super soft, and how it looks classy but still edgy, so it goes both with the boho festival style and more preppy looks. And it's big enough to fit things other than a phone, like sunglasses or passport (if you, like me, have no other ID, haha). Since I'm not that much into bags lately, and there is only so much I can carry in my pockets, this is some great extra space. It will 100% be coming with me to Florida!

Been catching up on season six and seven or RuPaul's Drag Race so I have all the songs from my the show in my head. Does any of you watch RPDR? Who's your fav this season? I'm team Katya (and Pearl and Trixie)!

Malin out!

16 April 2015


Outfit credits: Missguided fringed biker jacket, vintage tee (Beyond Retro), H&M hoodie, Lager 157 jeans, Johnny Bulls boots. 

This jacket is everything, guys. At it wasn't even that expensive. I've been searching all over for a fringed moto jacket like this, mainly in vintage shops, but there they are always to big for me. But this baby is perfect (obviously, since I could actually pick size). 

Also I dyed my hair pink again. I figured it was time. In these pictures I have Manic Panic hot hot pink (diluted), but since this I have re-dyed it with Directions Carnation pink, which is my true love. It has a warmer and brighter tone, that I prefer and that goes a bit better with my skin tone and the way I do my make-up.

Malin out.

11 April 2015


Outfit credits: The YUB two-piece set, Missguided fluffy sweater, H&M hoodie, Dr Martens Jadon boots, Episode sunglasses.

I'm a junk food junkie. It's actually a good job I live in the middle of nowhere because I'd be broke a week after payday if I lived close to a McDonald's, Burger King or Pizza place. Now it's such a project if I want to get it, since I don't have a car (nor a driver's license for that matter). I have no sense of what I should and should not eat in terms of what is healthy. I may be slim and fit-looking on the outside, but on the inside I'm just grease. Just ask my sisters or friends, they know!

I'm a McDonald's girl all the way. I love hamburgers. Or cheeseburgers with bacon. But those I usually get at slightly fancier restaurants. The one at Hard Rock is to die for. What's your fav fast food resturant?

Get this two piece set at the Yub!

Malin out.

08 April 2015


Outfit credits: UNIF bomber jacket, vintage tee (Beyond Retro), H&M Hoodie, Lager 157 jeans (DIY rips), converse sneakers, Prestige sunglasses, Upfront Company cap. 

So happy to be able to wear holey jeans and sneakers out now!

I'm sorry that my updating sucks, guys. I'm trying to clock as many hours as possible at work now, since I'm saving up spending money for my trip to Florida this summer. And with two jobs, school (just a part time class, but still), something has to suffer. Right now it's blogging. I'm trying to keep posting somewhat regularly, only less often than I have been known to before. Mostly solely because I don't dress very fancily in the everyday when I work a lot, so there's really nothing to take pictures of. 

Malin out.