08 April 2015


Outfit credits: UNIF bomber jacket, vintage tee (Beyond Retro), H&M Hoodie, Lager 157 jeans (DIY rips), converse sneakers, Prestige sunglasses, Upfront Company cap. 

So happy to be able to wear holey jeans and sneakers out now!

I'm sorry that my updating sucks, guys. I'm trying to clock as many hours as possible at work now, since I'm saving up spending money for my trip to Florida this summer. And with two jobs, school (just a part time class, but still), something has to suffer. Right now it's blogging. I'm trying to keep posting somewhat regularly, only less often than I have been known to before. Mostly solely because I don't dress very fancily in the everyday when I work a lot, so there's really nothing to take pictures of. 

Malin out. 


  1. Everyone sometimes has a harder period in life. I have a similar situation, working, studying and writing my MA paper. No time for blogging whatsoever. Wish you earn the money for your trip soon! Take care and of course a great look a la Malin! :D

    1. Oh dear, I'm not jealous of you having your MA paper! I finished my BA last year and only that was horrible, haha!