11 April 2015


Outfit credits: The YUB two-piece set, Missguided fluffy sweater, H&M hoodie, Dr Martens Jadon boots, Episode sunglasses.

I'm a junk food junkie. It's actually a good job I live in the middle of nowhere because I'd be broke a week after payday if I lived close to a McDonald's, Burger King or Pizza place. Now it's such a project if I want to get it, since I don't have a car (nor a driver's license for that matter). I have no sense of what I should and should not eat in terms of what is healthy. I may be slim and fit-looking on the outside, but on the inside I'm just grease. Just ask my sisters or friends, they know!

I'm a McDonald's girl all the way. I love hamburgers. Or cheeseburgers with bacon. But those I usually get at slightly fancier restaurants. The one at Hard Rock is to die for. What's your fav fast food resturant?

Get this two piece set at the Yub!

Malin out.


  1. That dress is so awesome. You are lucky you have such a fast metabolism! I could probably only eat Taco Bell and Wendy's for the rest of my life.

    1. I don't think it's so much fast metabolism as that I get full on like nothing (I've been a light eater since I was a baby). I've never tried either Taco Bell or Wendy's, we don't have those here! I hope I get to in Florida this summer, if my mom lets us haha!

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