19 May 2015

Stranger everywhere

Outfit credits: UNIF moto jacket, Beyond Retro vintage tee, Choies midi skirt, Dr Martens boots, ebay sunglasses, Lamoda fake septum. 

11 May 2015


Outfit credits: Missguided fringed jacket, The YUB shop (via their app) sheer kimono, Beyond Retro vintage tee, Lager 157 jeans, H&M hat, Dr Martens boots, ebay earrings and wig.

I am in love with this kimono. The leaf print is actually perfect (Monstera is my favorite plant). I got it via the YUB shop app (if you search for the yub in app store it comes up), which really is something I have to praise. I'm not an app-person, I'm not a huge user of my iPhone in general, but they've got so much cool stuff on there. And it's stuff from lots of different online shops gathered in one place (sheinside for example, which I am a frequent shopper at, I think this kimono was originally from there). They do appear to send you the things you ordered from different shops separately, but there's only one shipping cost (and I think standard is generally free?). And I also found some other cool stuff on there that I hadn't seen before (but that might just be because I'm lousy at looking for things), that I got, and will show you when the weather gets just a little bit warmer here still. 

Malin out.