06 June 2015


Hi! As you may or may not have noticed I've been pretty absent lately. I've said before that I've been working a lot to save up spending money for my trip to Florida, which is in less than two weeks now. So I've kinda been allowing myself to take a break and not think about blogging at all. I will probably continue with that at the very least until I get back from the US in July. Because, you know, life and stuff. Unless inspiration and/or motivation strikes. 

But I'm still on tumblr and instagram if you want to stalk me. I have two igs. One "official" (magdalenaunofficial) with mostly selfies and style related things, and one "personal" (magdalenafromspace) that is every day stuff (and it's partly in Swedish). I'm likely to be spamming the latter with pictures when I'm in Florida! It's a private account, though, but it's mostly so that I can be in control of who has access to my personal life, don't want no creepers. But if you seem cool and/or if I know who you are I'll accept. 

Malin out.

ps. Photo is from the zine I made as my project for school this semester. ds. 


  1. This photo is out of this world. Magical!

  2. Wow cool blog it very interesting. A trip to Florida sounds nice hot this time of year! I love your style too so unique and trendy. I would love it if we could follow each other on Google Friend Connect and Instagram?!