30 July 2015


Outfit credits: NewDress.com crochet top, kimono and necklace, Lager 157 jeans, vintage boots, prestige sunglasses. 

28 July 2015

The Black Lodge

Outfit credits: Dresslink.com kimono and maxi skirt, vintage tee and boots, See Rue earrings and necklace, prestige sunglasses.

Two things. One: I'm a major Twin Peaks fan so obviously this skirt is my new fav. And if you don't understand why that is then I am sorry about the state of your life. Two: My love for green plants is endless (I have about 35 of them in my apartment, they are my children) so I'm down for anything with green plants on it. So this kimono and earrings are also new favs.

The earrings and necklace are hand made by See Rue, which you should totally check out. I'm especially excited since it's a store local to my hometown (Malmö), and I don't come across at all enough of those!

Malin out.

16 July 2015

It doesn't rain in space

Outfit credits: Bikbok raincoat, Dressin crochet dress and choker, Levis jeans, Lindex sunglasses, UNIF Choke boots.

The great thing about this dress is that it's not to long for me!

13 July 2015

When we come back we'll be dressed in black

Outfit credits: Missguided fringed moto jacket, Forever21 dress, Lewis jeans, Nike sneakers, Lindex sunglasses, Lamoda and Forever21 jewelry. 

I'm home now! I've been home for about a week. And let me tell you, the jet lag from returning to my time zone (+6 hours) is not to be messed with. But it's been a really good trip. There's a lot of things to experience in Florida, and lots of places to see, and while 19 days may sound like enough time it's not really enough. But I've been to Universal Studios (most importantly the Wizarding World of Harry Potter), the Everglades, Kennedy Space Center, had wild dolphins surfing in the waves after our boat, and been to so many malls and outlets. We ended up having stayed at eight different hotels so you can imagine we've been busy. I'll do some posts on it when I get my shit together. 

Malin out!