23 August 2015


I'm getting a puppy! If you follow me on any of my instagrams you may already know this, but yeah, my family and I are getting a dog. I'm so ridiculously excited about it that everyone in my family is super annoyed with me, because I won't talk about anything else. Our puppy is the one asleep by my hand in the first picture and the one I'm holding (obviously) in the second. We still haven't settled on what we're gonna call her yet, but I can tell you she's a Golden Retriever and she's currently five weeks old. This is the second time we visited her, and in three weeks we'll take her home with us. And if you think she's small in these pictures it's nothing compared to last week when we went to pick her out. She has gained a whole kilo since then!

In other news I'm obsessed with the Big Bang Theory at the moment. Mostly because Mayim Bialik (aka the actress who plays Amy Farrah Fowler) is a reason to be alive, if any. I completely adore her as a real life person, and read pretty much all of her blog posts. And also, despite some problematics (w/ stereotypes and representation among other things), TBBT is a very well written and clever show. And Mayim Bialik, Mayim Bialik, Mayim Bialik. Yes please.

But what we all take away from this post is I'M GETTING A PUPPY!!!


  1. I really love puppies and dogs, theses are the being who loves anyone unconditionally and in return they don't expect anything except love I guess. Sweetest pic of today, you made my day :)
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  2. I've already interrogated you on the puppy's name so I will comment on something else, in particulat The Big Bang Theory. I love this show!!! It's one of my favourite comedy series! What's more I think Amy Farrah Fowler's character is just awesome, she's my top female character of the show.