10 September 2015


Outfit credits: UNIF moto jacket, Gina Tricot top, Choies skorts, Lindex sunglasses and vintage boots. 

So, this is what I wore for my birthday earlier this week. I'm crazy about this b/w print, because as I've said before it's classic Twin Peaks, and I've been kinda into that whole aesthetic since I watched it for the first time like seven or eight years ago. And matched with this red jacket+all black it's all very black lodge and I love it. 

In other news we're bringing home our puppy on Saturday, and I am so ridiculously excited. And no, we still haven't officially named her, but I think it's pretty much settled. Still won't tell you until Saturday, though! I'll probably be spamming my official and private instagram all weekend, if you're interested in how it all goes!

Malin out.