18 October 2015

Pink clouds

Outfit credits: Yoins.com jacket, vintage tee and boots, Dr Denim jeans, Lindex sunglasses, assorted jewellery.

I love coats and jackets. It's one of my favourite things to shop for. I'm especially a sucker for all kinds of biker jackets. And since it's freaking freezing in Sweden already I'm super pleased to have this one with the fluffy fabric on the inside that makes it warmer than the average leather jacket. 

Also, my living room is a pink hoarder cloud.

Malin out.

1 comment:

  1. I'm obsessed with your room. It's pink and I hate pink! But somehow you've made it work fabulously. It's like another dimension. I imagine that when somebody enters your room he gets high on its atmosphere. Wicked!