29 November 2016


Hi. So, it's been a year. Shit. Times flies. I don't do fashion blogging anymore, obviously. I have a full time job, a Golden Retriever, and started doing cosplay, so there's really no time for a picture-based blog for me anymore. I have even passed my fancy camera down to my sister, who blogs here

I won't be coming back. I'm on tumblr and on instagram, because it's still fun. But I don't feel like I have more to offer in the world of personal style blogs. In the end it cost me more than I gained from it. And I don't mean that in a sad way. I loved it when I was doing it, and when I stopped loving it I ended up stop doing it, and here we are. I was thinking of starting a new blog for writing and more lifestyle things, and decided I wanted to put up one last post here, just to say that it's really over. And I'm good. I have a gorgeous dog, two beautiful birds, hundreds of green plants, lots of tattoos, lots of awesome clothes and I'm obsessed with the Ghostbusters reboot. I'm happy and life just went on from this. So thanks for the two years that I spent on this blog and I hope life is treating you well as well. 

Malin out.